Cecily Brown, The Artist Breaking Sexual Tension in Any Room

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Cecily Brown, The British Female Artist who knows how to bring sexual energy in any room... The same woman who decided she wanted to paint at the age of three, and who began to paint at the sweet age of 16, to become one of the most successful female artists alive today.we are talking about a true young prodigy turned into a grown star you should know about on our first blog!

1) "Cecily-Brown-High-Society" By: Madio Niceguy 

When she begins creating her paintings, sexuality is a very important theme in her work, which often includes female nudes and pornographic-like images. According to the Artist, she generally doesn't have an exact idea of what she is trying to achieve when she begins to paint, but she lets the overall image reveal itself. She also believes the surprise makes her work more interesting.

Cecily Brown often works on up to 20 paintings at a time! Going back and forth allowing layers of paint to dry in the process.- Along Artists, I have discovered that many of us enjoy working with different pieces at the same time.  Brown describes this process as "organic”. 

2) Cecily Brown ''SUDDENLY LAST SUMMER''


Art is the window to an Artists soul! I believe that just like one of her most expensive paintings, Cecily Brown is truly a masterpiece.... 

Impressively, “Suddenly Last Summer” sold for about $6.776 Million USD at Sotheby’s in New York. - it’s not just sexual intelligence, it’s everything! Cecily Brown has  become an outstanding business. 

She's leaving us, art lovers in awe with every stroke! ha... 

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