Original Painting by VIII- Sold. 

To me, as a painter, beauty is a choice. I enter my work with strong senses, almost as if I could feel color, and yield this tool with boldness when I create contemporary and pop artwork. I enjoy mixing lux and fun when I paint, generally speaking, be it figuratively or with our abstract works.
The concept of love interviewing the human experience, characteristic stories behind me, and inclusion lead the way to new paintings. However, I've been influenced to create wild art from a very young age, and some of my work re-creates concepts I showcased my father when I was a child., while other pieces are completely new ideas. 
You see what we get after spending hours of being uncertain, confident, hopeful and logical - to portray beauty…. such a subjective concept! 

Making art fuels my ambitious fantasies, which involve continuous achievements and a bizarre art collection. To make art and sell great works is such a privilege, combined with passion and hard work. My collectors not only enjoy buying art from a passionate creative and a story teller. I think some people may love my work as it is,  an inviting force mixed with emotional expressions that connect us and honor cultures outside of my own at times.


 Heartwork No 1 by VIII- Sold.

Growing up in the art niche in Mexico, ''the land of abstract art'', and close to her father, a former artist known as Alejandro Martinez, made Valeria the artist she is today.

‘‘I had the opportunity to meet Latin American painters like Segundo Planes, Marcos Huerta and Rafael Calzada on going basis as they remain friends with my father.

Being exposed to artistic projects, poetry, conversations in between artists and art exhibitions pushed me to make art from a very young age.´´

Many artists continue to inspire Valeria to this day. Connecting with the art world is key to VIII, which is why the artist also works with art students throughout the year to publish art blogs about icons and art history in this platform. 

Today Valeria Llamosa continues to work in the art niche with another business endeavor, Print it Company.- Providing Art Solutions for your Business!.

Turn-key services include archival prints for artists with inkjet technology; as wel as  sourcing, printing and mounting commercial art for small corporate projects in the Houston area and beyond.

Please visit www.printitcompany.com to learn more about the business.

If you wish to get in contact or schedule an appointment in the studio located at the Sawyer Yards in Houston, Texas. Please refer to our contact page.