''Money on My Mind'' by VIII

Andy Warhol and the pop art movement played as huge inspiration to develop each artwork from the  ''Money on My Mind'' series. The artist intentions incorporate willingness to channel a bright atmosphere surrounded by money and grace, through color and composition.

There are figures of honor to emphasize that are being featured by the nature of history and money, from Mexican Artist Frida Kahlo to Ben Franklin,- America's most influential founding fathers, and signer of the U.S Declaration of Independence.

It it important to mention that the presence of a man of honor like Ben Franklin, and his willpower to reinvent himself is a fascinating aspect the artist encountered while observing money and getting creative with it. 

It all started with U.S $100 dollar bills and now is extended to continue with former Mexican $500 pesos! Diving the viewers to a representative notion of the actual bills that the artist VIII has used during most of her life as an immigrant from Mexico, living in the U.S.