Andy Warhol - Art and Commerce!

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Andy Warhol, ANDY WARHOL!

Leading exponent of the Pop Art Movement in the 60’s, American consumerism and capitalism jester - popular and fabulous! Surely, the first thing that comes to mind when you listen to Warhol’s name are Campbell's Soup Cans…like these ones right? 

Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Cans

Ref 1. Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Cans, 1962  

“Often I wondered, what is sooo special about Andy Warhol’s work?
What does it really mean? and why is he so popular? ” 

To put it into perspective, the artist lived through Post-WW2 times; and with flashes of color, mixed media, fast-serigraphy and team work he managed to catch everybody’s attention in New York City.

Not only he mocked - and worshipped America’s consumerism culture at the same time. In his work, he joked about mass-selling products like Coca-Cola, a product that all rich and poor could consume - and loved to consume in crazy amounts! Additionally, he even made portraits of famous public figures like Marilyn Monroe and Mao Zedong, in his signature Pop Art style.

He simply brought focus to everything the average American was compelled to be a part of, what everybody wanted, what everybody bought and also…visually consumed! 

Ref 2. Self Portrait by Andy Warhol

“My image is a statement of the symbols of the harsh, impersonal products and brash materialistic objects on which America is built today. It is a projection of everything that can be bought and sold, and practical but impermanent symbols that sustain us.” - Andy Warhol

The artist embodied American culture through his art in many ways. In some cases he even made the same works in a series of many different colors... to continue, there is this sense of irony and mockery in his work that is pretty unique and clever.

Warhol's legacy is indisputable and his work remains loved by artists of all kinds: from fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent to painters like Gerhard Richter and VIII Art Co., of course!

A series of work titled, ''Money on My Mind'' by VIII was born as a homage to the Pop Art Movement and Warhol’s iconic and ground-breaking perspective, along with the relationship we share in between art and commerce.

''Money on My Mind ''  by VIII.
*Click image above for more information. 

Maybe you’ll feel inspired during your hustle- maybe you’ll find it ironic due to its Warholian roots.... who knows!

*Click image above for more information. 


Art is always ready for some good dialogue amongst art lovers! Leave your comments below about this collection. 

Diving deeper into Warhol's life we must tell you about his art studio..''The Factory'', as he liked to call it. It was the place to be! Many young artists, celebrities and social curiosities hanged out there all the time.

Andy Warhol is well known for not really being the main producer of his masterpieces. He laid the ideas on the table, the technicalities, and called the shots on big decisions always though. Young artists were his #1 helpers!

Ref 4. Andy Warhol at “The Factory”, 1966.

The following short anecdote about Andy Warhol’s life can help you get a clearer idea of the level of fame and influence he had in his time.. it is clear people came to him to be noticed and earn some kind of name in America’s popular culture and art scene. 

Valerie Solanas, a women who looked for a breakthrough in the art scene, sent a script to Andy Warhol trying to make him a producer for her play. She was a radical feminist and the creator of SCUM Manifesto, which described a world without men. He rejected Solanas and she clearly held a grudge! You'll see.. Because Andy Warhol was shot three times by Valerie Solanas, and somehow survived after a five-hour operation., repairing his lungs, stomach, liver, esophagus and spleen. 

Andy Warhol was almost killed by Solanas inside his studio. After gallbladder surgery, Warhol died of cardiac arrhythmia in February 1987 at the age of 58 in New York.

It’s safe to say he managed to mark our hearts by worked his to be known as an outstanding artist, a proud member of the LGBT+ Community, a filmmaker and a big celebrity! Not to mention a mastermind on American consumerism. 


Blog Author, Editor and Publisher, Valeria Llamosa
Blog Author and Researcher, Ana Karen M. for VIII Art Co. 


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2. ''Self Portrait by Andy Warhol'' by F Delventhal(CC BY 2.0)  

4. Kristine. Andy Warhol at “The Factory”, 1966. November 8th, 2010.


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