VIII’s father, former sculptor, Alejandro Martinez believes Art is the Jewelry of your home. As father, as daughter! They have worked with metal to remix the following sculpture, originally designed by Alex.

   “MOON LIGHT” Metal Sculpture 
Size: 14 x 6'5 x 10 inches | 25.56 x 16.5 x 24.3 cm
More colors available: Solid Navy Blue & Pop Blue.
Contact us for more information. Private Sale- Price Upon Request.

Alejandro Martinez, also known as Alex, is a former artisan born and raised in a small ''city'' called Linares, Nuevo Leon. His craftsmanship includes extended work with metal and a modern approach through sculptural works despite his cultural roots embodied with humbleness, and a farm like lifestyle, a great quality of the so-called agricultural "orange belt" region where he was born (the oranges from Linares are legendary and widely grown in this region by the Martinez family).

Alex presenting ‘’Modern Faces’’ a metal sculpture, made by the artist himself. 

‘’ELECTRIC FEELS’’ Metal Sculpture by Alejandro Martinez.

This sculpture speaks about energy and electricity. It’s a great asset for those who enjoy these concepts and metallic finishes. Alex has always been fascinated with Metal and this clearly reflects in his artistic repertoire. 

We can tell this is Kinetic Art,  the type that depends on perceivable movement by the viewers for its effect.

To preview available works by Alejandro Martinez in Houston’s creative heart, The Sawyer Yards, get in touch with your art consultant Valeria Llamosa. CONTACT NOW. *Private Sale- Price Upon Request. All rights reserved by the artist.