Back to School Season Issue with the Bauhaus!

Back to school

Let’s go Back to School with Bauhaus!

As we are committed to provide you a better understanding of the art world (involving art history news), there’s 1 #DreamSchool, with an outstanding story and teaching techniques we are going to talk about today. 

a better way to inculcate a mix of paintings, graphics, architecture and design than to talk about an open minded and free-spirited school? Founded in 1919, The outstanding German school of Bauhaus was born from that idea.

A School will never be this cool! To help you envision the off-the-wall courses and teaching methods they had, here are a couple of pictures taken circa 1925…

Bauhaus of Dessau, Germany. 

Bauhaus translates to “construction house”, and you know what!? It was arguably the most influential modernist art school of the 20th century. 
The fundamental game of conceiving the arts for what they were and all their remaining possibilities for the future was honored.

*Try to stand in any of these scenes in your mind* As a student from “different disciplines” you would work in complex workshops challenged to think outside the box, and outside your own personal interests, to get to better works of art, and even better solutions towards your projects. 

No wonder why the Bauhaus arts are characterized by their unique launch of ideas in design, with bright projects and unique aesthetics!

For me, the Bauhaus school is certainly an ideal utopia! Multidisciplinary teamwork always comes up with the best stuff. - Artist Ana Karen, VIII’s Team.

The practices established a strong connection between the arts and the creative, the open-minded and the fun designers. The vision throughout the establishment of the Bauhaus was to create and practice methods where *craft-based disciplines should no longer be divided between each other. 

*Crafts are a physical manifestation of the internal human creative: visual arts, sculpture, photography, painting, quilting, origami, jewelers, etc..

Women in The Bauhaus

As mentioned before.. a school will never be this cool. The Bauhaus had some very successful women as students and members of the faculty #GIRLPOWER

If you’re interested in learning more about the women’s role in the Bauhaus and the school’s timeline…I highly recommend watching the Film “Lotte am Bauhaus”, the story about a girl that found love, and ended up fulfilling her dreams of being an artist at the Bauhaus.  

We all have an inner Lotte right? A girl with a dream to become someone great, to explore the world and create! - Ana Karen, VIII’s Team.


Nazi Regime & Bauhaus Closure 

The totalitarian regime of the Nazis believed the innovative ideas and culture of the Bauhaus were against their ideal patriotic values. The Nazi Party thought modern art was degenerate art, and art for the degenerate. 

Crazy to think that a governmental power of that magnitude literally believed that modern art was a threat to their regime simply because the mere thought that the modern art movement could have communist and Jew influences. 

Slowly but surely, as we know…the Nazi Party gained power and control in the German territory. And as they ruled, the Bauhaus had to move places quite a few times as they received more pressure towards closure. Finally, on 1993- The Berlin Police, Acting on the orders of the new Nazi government closed it. 


As you can see, ART as well as a thousand other matters have felt the pressure from several sources wanting them to stop or to cease but we must prevail and fight for our passions and dreams!  

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Blog Author: Ana Karen Morales Q.
Editor: VIII 


Oskar Schlemmer. Bauhaus archive.

Bauhaus Archive Berlin. Papiroflexia and Origami class by Josef Albers 1928.

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