“More Than What You See” Abstract Art Part I

Abstract Art Heartwork No 2 Jackson Pollock

Abstract Art can be hard to understand at first sight, seeing a bunch of different shapes, colors and lines can confuse the mind a bit, but that's definitely the beauty of it! Along with surrendering yourself to feel something. 

Plus, allowing your mind to be capable of the challenge as you are trying to find the meaning of the art brings a deeper connection between you and the artist. 

"Too Bad" by VIII
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Understanding the background of the artist also may help get a clearer perspective of the artwork. Sometimes a painter is working to convey an art movement, while other times the idea of creating something special with a twist of unique may have taken over. 

In spite of the fact, proven by ''The Slow Art Movement”, that most people that go to museums spend less than ten seconds viewing each artwork! It is clear the true essence of art can take longer to understand, proving Abstract Art just needs a little more time and attention.  (You can read more about the impact of this movement in our blog "Take Things Slow..'').

Like Pablo Picasso once said “There is no abstract art. You must always start with something. Afterwards you can remove all traces of reality.”

However, unravelling the traces of Abstract art comes with different Artists, slopes and movements....

One of the most influential figures of Abstract Art is Jackson Pollock, and btw! His most famous and expensive abstract painting ''No. 5, 1948”  is worth $140 million! #IDOL

The use of dribbling, smearing, and flinging of liquid paint was the main style that Pollock used for his painting forming a nest-like appearance. This piece itself gave a whole new meaning to the Abstract Expressionism:

  1. "Number 5 1948" by Jackson Pollock

Pollock often gives his paintings numbers instead of names because that is how he gives his audience the freedom of imagination without affecting the painting's true essence... another reason why Abstract Art will always remain more than what you see! 

Heartwork No. 2 by VIII, Inspired by Jackson Pollock.
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Abstract art is the opposite to representational art, and its movements encompasses a diverse variety of artists and general styles that will be presented in the next blogs! Stay tuned.

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Blog Author: Rebeka Valdovinos
Blog Editor: VIII, Valeria Llamosa
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