The Skull Series

VIII embraces her roots with a collection of skulls that follow Mexican traditions. Every year, during November 2nd, every other Mexican is encouraged to celebrate a Holiday called ''The Day of The Dead''. During this time of the year, Mexican people connect in grief (with love), through artistic practices, kind acts of love, characteristic food and even by channeling a fictional figure called ''La Catrina'' - A Skull (a woman)- , once a cartoon sketched around 1910 by Mexican artist, Guadalupe Posada.

The celebration of this day includes the elaboration of altars, skeleton art and above all love! The love we share for the people who is no longer here, as well for our people on earth who may remain in silence and pain behind the scenes on a daily basis due to loss.

This day brings so much color and a lot of skulls are out, everywhere! The reason why the Skulls by VIII are shaped in this particular way follow Sugar Skulls' original shape. (sugar treats for this day).