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Everyone has their own version of love... The surrealist artist Salvador Dali and Gala Dali’s version started in 1929. Salvador met his muse when she was married to a surrealist poet artist named Paul Eluard ..she definitely had a type! They quickly fell in love and she left Paul immediately.

1. Salvador Dali and Gala 

The exotic couple got married and their love life together began…Salvador Dali continued to create beautiful artwork with Gala by his side. In the stages of love he once quoted “it is mostly with your blood Gala, that I paint my pictures”. As a result Salvador started signing both of their signatures on his paintings. 

Salvador knowing exactly who he was, knew he needed to prove his love for gala in every way possible … what better way than buying her, her own castle (1969). Gala knowing exactly who she was, having him under her wing, accepted the exclusive gift only under one condition! As she insisted that Salvador would have to sign a contract stating that he was only allowed to visit her and enter the castle only if she said he was allowed to… should have settled for flowers am I right? 

Heartwork No.1 by VIII (Sold)

Apparently, the castle wasn't enough for Gala.... as she needed a little more “excitement'' in their relationship, she encouraged Salvador into an open marriage that eventually resulted in the couple hosting regular orgies! It is said the famous singer and actress Cher and her ex husband showed up to their home while an orgy was going on. - lets just say no one can call them boring hosts!

If you are thinking they were wild… this was just the beginning of Gala's excitement. Unfortunately things did not continue well with Salvador as his muse started having affairs and would use his money to buy gifts for her lovers.

Things get toxic sometimes! In 1980 Salvador surprisingly drew the line too, right after he was forced to retire due to Palsy (permanent trembling condition/weakness of hands), becoming less tolerant of Gala’s affairs... and unfortunately he started to beat her up, breaking two of her ribs. As a result to calm things down, Gala drugged him using sedatives that eventually resulted in irreversible neurological brain damage. 

It is said, love never really dies... what surprised me the most about their love story is the end. When Gala died in 1982, Salvador illegally moved the body in his car from Port Light to Pubol, where she truly wanted to be buried. The Artist lived many depressing years after the loss of his wife.

To be honest, it seems like Salvador was a decent lover despite this and that. The following picture depicts my personal favorite painting of Dalí - honoring Gala.

Galaofspheres.JPG''Galatea of the Spheres''

To end this story, we must talk about Salvador Dali’s death.  He did put in one final request for a construction of two tombs with a little opening between the two, so that they could hold hands beyond death. 

Blog Author: Rebeka Valdovinos
Blog Editor: VIII
Summary taken from Biographies on Salvador Dali and Gala research. 
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