Homage to America (USA Flag) Poster By VIII
Homage to America (USA Flag) Poster By VIII
Homage to America (USA Flag) Poster By VIII
Homage to America (USA Flag) Poster By VIII
18 x 24 in (45.71 x 60.96 cm)

Homage to America (USA Flag) Poster By VIII

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Open Edition Poster by VIII

From The Money Honey Series, 2022.
Title: Homage to America (USA Flag)
Artwork size: 24 x 36 inches

Digital art produced using the giclée process on a poster paper. This artwork is unframed. 

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This piece complements The Money Honey Series, a collection inspired by Andy Warhol, the pop art movement and America's consumerism.  Artists often quote other artists in their work., one way or another. When artists use quotes it's obvious but sometimes we go beyond. This is a way of referencing and learning from other artists' techniques and ideas.

This American Flag composition celebrate USA and the opportunities the country has to offer. May this work remind you of the importance of hard work, as Ben Franklin once said.

“When you're free to work, work hard, and get the most important things done” - Ben Franklin

Note: The dollar bills are not true to the size of a 100-dollar bill in this case (an open edition poster). Please refer to the limited edition pieces from this collection if you wish to preview artworks that get's closer to their true size. 

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