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(1881 – 1973) 


These words have stuck to me well throughout the years, not only due to their truthfulness, but their playfulness ... I believe this quote very much exemplifies how truly eccentric Picasso was! And to honor his eccentricity we have sumed down  3 AND A HALF interesting facts about the innovative Artist! 

Pablo Picasso - La Fenêtre de L' Atelier À La Californie, 1959; Color aquatint on BFK Rives wove paper; Signed; Modern Masters; Off The Wall Gallery Houston. ''La Fenêtre de L’Atelier À La Californie'' 1959. Color aquatint on BFK Rives wove paper.  
Artwork size: 16 x 13 in. / 40.5 x 33 cm. Email val@offthewallgallery.com for more information. 

1. Picasso was exceptional from the start!

It was said by his mother that his first word was actually “piz”, short for “lapiz” (the Spanish word for pencil) it is evident that from the start Picasso was aching to get his hands on something to create art!

He received artistic training from his father when he was seven, and four years later was admitted into the School of Fine Arts of Barcelona, a true child prodigy! 

2. The Artist was a Bonafide Ladies Man. 

He had numerous affairs throughout his life, and even fathered children with three different women. Even though he was married to Olga Khokhlova for some time, they separated after a while.

His art was very much inspired by the women he loved! Like Fernande Olivier, who was Picasso's first great love, and his muse during 1904-1911, partly responsible for inspiring the artist to enter his Rose Period, where he left behind somber colors and themes, and embraced a lighter palette.

Oliver was the model pictured in the artist's famous Head of Woman (1909) which is considered one of the first cubist sculptures.

Peintre et Modele en Robe Imprimée (Bloch 1163), 1964.A quatint on Rives vellum paper. 
Artwork size: 21.5 x 16 in. / 54.5 x 40.5 cm |
 Email val@offthewallgallery.com for more information.

3. Picasso never limited himself in his expression as a painter, and neither as an artist!

Picasso never limited himself in his exploration of art and human nature. He didn't inbox himself as just a painter, he dabbled in many other forms of art, including theater

He wrote poetry, and some surrealist plays, like “Desire Caught By the Tail”- A play he wrote in 1945 during four days of illnessThis play is not exactly what you would call a “normal” play, but what Picasso did was never truly normal! The play consists of six acts, it is said to display what a normal day-to-day life in Paris would look like during the second world war, although Picasso didn't make deciphering his play exactly easy, the second act consists of five pairs of feet outside the doors of hotel rooms saying “My chilblains. My chilblains. My chilblains” followed by a stage direction that calls for the shadows of five monkeys eating carrots....

Lastly, we'd like to remind you that we are talking about one of the most popular painters of all time. So you probably already know the following fact...

Original drawing, felt-tip on paper. Artwork size: 14 x 8 in. / 36 x 27.5 cm.
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3.5 - Picasso left behind BILLIONS of Dollars worth of ART when he died.

He left behind about 45,000 works of art after he died! The collection included 1,885 paintings, 1,228 sculptures, and 7,089 drawings, also tens of thousands of prints, thousands of ceramic works, and 150 sketchbooks! -He was a busy man

Even in his old age Picasso loved what he did, and continued creating art up until his very last breath. Even though he left behind ALL this art, he did not leave a will, this caused some issues for the people in his life, everyone wanted a piece of his large estate. Dividing his estate was not easy, as we discussed he had many mistresses and children with various of them, but we will leave this anecdote for another blog.

Indeed, there are many more interesting facts about this fascinating artist but we would never finish, those stories will be stored for another time! 

If you like any of the artwork posted in this blog, and wish to know more information about it, you can send an email to Valeria Llamosa at val@offthewallgallery.com 

Art Blog by Author Isabela Gaya and Editor VIII.
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