Mario Jung: Art that Speaks from the Soul

Artist Mario Jung’s richly colored landscape paintings are full of texture and warmth! From professionals in the field to art enthusiasts and doctors, we can all tell his artwork is simply enamoring..

*SOLD (For authentic pieces by MJ, please contact Valeria Llamosa via main menu)

In the mid 80’s, Mario Jungs’ artistic career was in launch mode. He graduated class of '71 from the Seoul Industrial Junior College; he fought for his artistic career and even won the Grand Prize of Western-style painting in 1986.

Sometimes, unfortunate events may change our life for something greater than that to come... his story involves tragedy and victory at the same time. 

 REF 1. 

Sadly, Mario Jung fell from a third story balcony that left him blind, deaf and paralyzed. He was giving up on life during this stage, as it is said, he didn’t even want to eat. It's safe to say his destiny offered purpose in return.. 

Mario encountered a spiritual awakening after living through such catastrophic event in his dreams. His family and doctors were completely astonished after his quick recovery and ever since he has developed his very flexible artistic style. 

*SOLD (For authentic pieces by MJ, please contact Valeria Llamosa via main menu)

There's no doubt Jung has become very popular due to his ability to paint in many styles - the impasto technique is his specialty with rich textures, dramatic brushstrokes and a great attention to detail.

It is important to mention that the artist's style range can vary, as we can undoubtedly notice a drastic style and color palette change in his work after his spiritual dream and awakening!

 REF 2. Southwest Pueblo, 1980. Mario Jung. 

Maybe because of what happened to Mario, his fresh style radiates a sense of positivity and joy. We believe the world of his full-hearted imagination is a world at peace itself! Which influences the fact that Mario Jung has a strong reputation as an outstanding national and international artist at the moment. 

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During the artist process, he uses tools like kitchen utensils and nozzles for cake-decorating to be able to achieve a super 3D effect on his bi-dimensional works of art. Besides that, it is said that Mario can use up to 18 tubes of oil paint on a single artwork!

There are some stories about the healing and peace-rewarding effects Mario Jungs' creations have on people. I'm not quite sure if admiring one of his paintings could heal me from an illness, but they would surely lead me towards obtaining a positive and peaceful mindset! - Art Blogger, Ana Karen Morales. 

 *SOLD (For authentic pieces by MJ, please contact Valeria Llamosa via main menu)

We believe his paintings are not only incredible, but the whole meaning behind them tells us a story about personal growth, determination, passion, family and love.  

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 Heartwork No. 6 by VIII. (inspired by the impasto technique). 

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“Mario Jung, Art that Speaks from the Soul” Presented by Author: Ana Karen Morales. Blog Editor & Publisher: Valeria Llamosa for 
Off The Wall Gallery. 
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2. Vintage 1980's Myung Mario Jung Oil and San Painting Desert Southwest Pueblo.


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