Mexican Truck- Bed Commuters Meet Art! By Alejandro Cartagena.

In honor of Monterrey, Mexico. The actual hometown of the artist VIII and your art blogger, Ana Karen M. We present to you a Contemporary Mexican Photographer you will love connecting with...

Carpoolers, 2011.

The city of Monterrey is located near the USA-MEX border; it is a fast growing city that flourishes with industrial factories and companies. This said, it is a city that involves a lot of construction workers, long roads and multiple shifts in a week to finish a job. 


By means of documentary-styled photography, Alejandro Cartagena has created, his titled series
Carpoolers in 2011-2012 in which he shows the growing and withering urban extension around Monterrey, Mexico. 

Alejandro Cartagena portrays Latin American labor, urban, and environmental concerns in his work.

In some of the photos, some of the men catch a glimpse of Cartagena’s lens and even smile for the picture! 

The photographs consist of bird’s-eye shots of pick-up trucks where you can spot working men using the beds of pick-up trucks as their main mean of transportation to commute straight to work. It is very important to point out that transporting this way is totally illegal. As some say, bus and subway transportation haven’t really reached all areas of the city of Monterrey, which is why they “share” their ride to work. 

Alejandro Cartagena first released his series in 2011, and if you were wondering the answer is YES, this is still happening to date. The government's take on this is questionable. 

In the photos you can see one to even eight men lying whichever way they can to at least feel a bit comfortable on the moving truck. Some other common elements are power tools, wood, stained tarps and cement sacks. The Carpoolers series belongs in great collections like the San Francisco's Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), and loving crowds in USA. Promoting loving attention towards my hometown and Alejandro Cartagena on an international level. 


Presented by Author: Ana Karen Morales. Blog Editor & Publisher: Valeria Llamosa for VIII Art Co. 


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